Staff Whip
Description Throws staff at the enemy at great speed, causing damage and stopping magic for 5 seconds.
Type Single target attack Prerequisite skills Cloudshaker Staff (Level 5)
Element None Equipment req. Staff
Cast time Unknown Item req. None
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Effects
1 2 33720 Duration is 5s
2 2 381020 Duration is 5s
3 2 431320 Duration is 5s
4 2 481720 Duration is 5s
5 2 532220 Duration is 5s
6 2 582920 Duration is 5s
7 2 633720 Duration is 5s
8 2 684820 Duration is 5s
9 2 706120 Duration is 5s

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