Sewer Sentinel
NPC Human Male 1

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Inn Basement (X:277 Y:230)

  • Rat Extermination Mission
  • Lost and Found Mission
  • Ancient Gold Coins Mission
  • Rare Vintage Mission

Sewer Sentinel is a Quest NPC.

He is located at X:277 Y:230 in the Inn Basement and gives the following quests, stored on a Guardian's Reward List.

Rat Extermination MissionEdit

Exterminate 30 Greedy Rats.


Lost and Found MissionEdit

Package Recover 10 Lost Belongings by killing Pupu President Corpses.


Ancient Gold Coins MissionEdit

Gold Coin Recover 20 Ancient Gold Coins by killing Toxic Trunks.


Rare Vintage MissionEdit

Rare Vintage Get 20 bottles of Rare Vintage by killing Caskmasters.


Guardian's Reward ListEdit

Upon completing your first quest from Sewer Sentinel (no matter which it is), you will receive Guardian's Reward List. When you have completed all four quests atleast once you will automaticly also deliver this list, and gain an extra reward. This can be repeated as many times as you like.


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