Razzle Dazzle
Description Dazzle enemy with weapon reflection on attack for next 90 sec, reducing enemy accuracy for 5 sec (2.5 sec vs. player).
Notes This move will buff you, giving your basic attacks a chance to reduce enemy's accuracy.
  • Self-buff
Prerequisite skills None
Element None Equipment req. Any
Cast time Unknown Item req. None
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Effects
1 2 17730 Weapon reflection 90sec, enemy HIT -20 for 5sec
2 2 21930 Weapon reflection 100sec, enemy HIT -25 for 5sec
3 2 251230 Weapon reflection 110sec, enemy HIT -30 for 5sec
4 2 291430 Weapon reflection 120sec, enemy HIT -35 for 5sec
5 2 331630 Weapon reflection 130sec, enemy HIT -40 for 5sec
6 2 371830 Weapon reflection 140sec, enemy HIT -45 for 5sec
7 2 412030 Weapon reflection 150sec, enemy HIT -50 for 5sec
8 2 452230 Weapon reflection 160sec, enemy HIT -55 for 5sec
9 2 492430 Weapon reflection 170sec, enemy HIT -60 for 5sec
10 2 532630 Weapon reflection 180sec, enemy HIT -65 for 5sec

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