NPC Human Male 16

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Placid Plain (X:310 Y:292)

  • Collect Southern Vermilion Bird Spirit
  • Collect Northern Turtle Spirit
  • Collect Western Tiger Spirit
  • Collect Eastern Dragon Spirit

Raymond is a Quest NPC.

Raymond is located at X:310 Y:292 in Placid Plain and gives the following quests:

Collect Southern Vermilion Bird SpiritEdit

SpiritCollect 30 Southern Vermilion Bird Spirits by killing Toxic Tiger Moths.


  • 38,130 experience points (Minimum level of 11 required to get experience)
  • 1 Blue Pig Dice Chest

Collect Northern Turtle SpiritEdit

SpiritCollect 30 Northern Turtle Spirits by killing Noddy Stones.


  • 46,152 experience points (Minimum level of 14 required to get experience)
  • 1 Red Dog Dice Chest

Collect Western Tiger SpiritEdit

SpiritCollect 30 Western Tiger Spirits by killing Premier Pupus.


  • 61,250 experience points (Minimum level of 18 required to get experience)
  • 1 Blue Dog Dice Chest

Collect Eastern Dragon SpiritEdit

SpiritCollect 1 Eastern Dragon Spirit by killing Haha Bamboo. Must complete all 3 of Raymond's other quests to unlock.


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