Level 2
Job Commoner
Element Non-Elemental
Skill None
Behavior Passive
Capturable Yes
Location Eversun North
Eversun South
Beginners' Village
Experience 175
Fame None
Quests Eversun South Assault(1)
HP 115
Physical Attack 11
Physical Defense 4
Accuracy 2
Evasion 2
Magic Attack 1
Magic Defense 7
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 1
Drop Rate
Wild Hide9.5%
Lotus Seed5%
Scroll x44.5%
Nothing to steal.

The following items are dropped by asterisk monsters.
Citrine (E)
Amethyst (E)
Citrine (E)
Pupu Coupon
Beginner's Sword
  • Note: Drop rates taken from the defunct Domocamp wiki, and based on 200 loots.

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