Phoenix Tower

Map of Phoenix Tower

The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:332 Y:124) in Swan Lake Basin.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 389 57
Henry Marshall 242 226
Kevin 127 90
Mr. Big 124 115


Name Job Level Element
Female Bird of Paradise Shaman 26 Fire Fire
King-Size Kuku Egg Commoner 22 Non-Elemental
King-Size Kuku King Mercenary 27 Fire Fire
King-Size Kuku Mama Musician 24 Fire Fire
King-Size Kuku Papa Hunter 23 Non-Elemental
Male Bird of Paradise Merchant 25 Fire Fire


Name Job Level Element
Giant Bird of Paradise Shaman 32 Fire Fire


Recipe potsEdit

Recipe X Y
Porcupine Helm 438 231
Porcupine Boots 94 123
Porcupine Wrist Guards 251 39
Fragrant Wood Bangle 264 121
Jade Crown 129 86
Steel Clogs 395 47

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