Suba Games

Suba Games has revived DOMO!

Maintenance time: Monday 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest update: December 11th, 2017: [1]

Active events:

IC (International Chinese) Domo

Instructions on how to register and use English files with this version are here.

Maintenance time: Wednesday 9 AM to 3 PM China Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest patch: November 1st, 2017:

  • Title scroll descriptions indicate whether the title has been obtained.
  • Item mall: Added new lucky bags until Nov 15.

Suba Games patches

2017/12/04: [2]

  • Item mall: Added SE 9 Pets, Christmas (Male) Lucky Box, Christmas (Female) Lucky Box, direct buy temporary Christmas themed costumes, Gold Black Kimono Costume (M), and Gold White Kimono Costume (M)
  • Christmas patch has been added.
  • Two new Modded costume effects have been added to the game; only the gold wings effect is currently available in the game.
  • Added new armor sets. The recipes are sold from Forge Master.
  • Title system has been re-adjusted.
  • Rewards from completing Lairs have been adjusted.
  • Rings, Talisman, and Necklace items can now be stored into Wardrobe.
  • Monsters below level 60 have their base exp increased.
  • Tier 3 quest rewards have been changed.
  • HLA tool scrolls are now stackable.

2017/11/06: [3] & [4]

2017/10/30: [5]

2017/10/23: [6] & [7]

2017/10/16: [8] & [9]

2017/10/11: [10] & [11]

2017/10/02: [12]

2017/09/18: [13]

2017/09/05: [14] & [15]

2017/08/21: [16]

2017/08/07: [17]

2017/07/31: [18]

2017/07/24: [19]

2017/07/17: [20] & [21]

2017/07/04: [22]

2017/06/19: [23]

2017/06/12: [24]

2017/05/15: [25]

2017/05/01: [26]

2017/04/24: [27]


  • Easter Quest is currently active.
  • Demon Tower drops have been adjusted.
    • Demon Tower Hero title now grants 1250 HP.
  • Stack limits of various items have been greatly increased.
  • Certain characters are forbidden when making a new character name.


  • Vanity pets can no longer autoloot in event instances.
  • DOMO Anniversary title scroll is no longer tradeable.
  • Broadcast and Trade chat restriction now requires level 15.
  • Fixed Misfortune Bag


  • Fix: Players are no longer forced to go back to a Spooky Bottom instance that they left.
    • Players no longer see titles they do not have when doing certain instanced quests.
    • Trader Girl has been completely fixed.
  • Brodcast and Trade channels now require players to have completed the Learn How To Fly quest.

2017/03/12: [31]

2017/03/06: [32]

2017/02/27: [33]

  • The Element bonus cap has been removed.
    • The element defense value is 1% instead of 0.5%.
  • It is is possible to create private instances in Spooky Bottom.
    • Players can exit Spooky Bottom more freely.
  • Players must be at least level 10 and have 12 login hours before purchasing from the Item mall.
  • The guild merchants are cheaper.

2017/01/30: [34]

2017/01/23: (not a patch) [35]

2017/01/09: [36]

2016/12/28: [37]

  • Christmas Patch has been removed.
  • Shaman's Seasonal Magic effects are no longer effective on boss monsters.
    • Additonally, the duration has been reduced from 25 seconds to 6 seconds (3 against players).
  • Magic and attacks of the same element used at the same time will now stack.
  • New characters are now forced to complete the Beginners' Village quest before heading to Eversun City.
  • Buffs and debuffs from monsters in the Firework Map should now be fully translated.
  • Branch Heads can now start guild raids in lairs along with Elders and the Chairperson.
  • High Level Skill Scroll recipes for Sorcerer have been added as global drops.


2016/12/05: [39]

  • The congratulatory message for costumes reaching 20/20 via modding has been removed.
  • Evilproof Underpants/Vest can now be stored the in Wardrobe.
  • Some item names have changed.
  • New bags for Event Stamps have been added.

2016/11/29: [40]

2016/11/21: [41]

2016/11/14: [42]

  • Shaman's Seasonal Magic spells now apply a debuff that raises the target's elemental defense by 30 of the respective spell for 25 seconds.

Older patches: See Patch/Suba Games.

IC patches

Wiki patch history began Oct 9, 2012. Links provided are in Chinese. Use Google Translate to read them.


  • Recipe descriptions indicate if they have been learned.
  • Skill descriptions indicate if they have been learned.
  • Fix: Fireworks will no longer summon monsters in the Arena and Guild Cottage.




  • Event: Mid-Autumn Festival until Nov 1.
    • 11th DOMO anniversary day event on Oct 4.
  • Item mall: Mid-Autumn lucky bag II on sale until Oct 18.


  • Adjusted part of the mission in Grizzly Garrison.
  • Gem/crystal exchange until Oct 2.


  • Item mall: Autumn lucky bag on sale until Oct 11.


  • Item mall: Springs and spring packs on sale until Sept 19.




  • Event: Double Seventh Festival until Sep 20.
  • New Wardrobe categories: Some rings, necklaces, talismans and other equipment can now be stored in wardrobes.
  • Item mall: Love Bag until Sep 6.



  • Fix: EXP Credit Card can be used when turning in a completed quest mission.
  • Increased experience given for monsters that are below level 60.
  • Item mall: 7 day, 15 day costumes and various lucky bags removed on Aug 16.



2017/07/12: [44]

  • All equipment upgrades with "abnormal" values are reset and given a new random value.






  • Implemented new armor sets.
  • Added Trader Girl exchange items.
  • New NPC: Forging Master (Eversun City, X:210, Y:161)
  • Increased rate of boss spawns in Firework Map until May 31.
  • Event: Dragon Boat Festival until Jun 21.
  • Item mall: Modeling weapon lucky bag II and new recipes.
  • Modeling weapon NPC renamed to Modeling consultant and gives new modeling clothing effects.


  • Fixed display issues (mob ghosts in Mount Babel, male Sprites wearing ninja costumes).
  • Fixed issues with hairstyle vouchers in DOMO Marketplace.


  • Event: Mother's Day events (1 & 2) until Jun 7.




  • Modded costumes have a sparkling effect at the 20th level.
  • Item mall: Modeling weapon lucky bag.



  • Change hairstyle ticket to 30 minutes before reuse. Appearance returns to normal after item expiration.
  • Item mall: Spring bag


  • Ability to sort costumes in wardrobe by category
  • Fix problem for 150 inventory items



  • Fixed modeling weapon display issues.


  • New modeling weapons, window, and NPC (Eversun City X:209 Y:161)
  • Fix: Pet trading display issues.




  • Fix: Bunches headgear can now be placed in storage boxes.
  • Fix: Players using skills when the verification window popped up resulted in forced logout.


  • Adjusted gold sell rates for some dropped items.
  • Fix: Spooky Bottom monster respawns.


  • After killing a certain number of monsters, a captcha-style window will open. The player must enter what is displayed to continue playing or be logged out.
  • Fix: Raised daily monster kill limit for "no profit" state.
  • Fix: Characters with a novice card will not be able to use the voucher in the anniversary pack.


  • Fix: Elemental defense attribute exception.


  • After killing a certain number of monsters 8 levels or less than a player's level, the player will enter a "no profit" state where monsters 8 levels or less will stop dropping items. This resets at midnight.
  • Reduced gold sell rates for some dropped items.
  • Increased Shaman elemental attack upper limit.
  • Receive DOMO 10 year anniversary packs until 1/25.



  • Fix: Shaman elemental effects are not effective on boss monsters.
  • Fix: Magic and attacks of the same element used at the same time will stack.
  • Fix: Changed Trader Girl Domo title name.



  • Fix Tough titles
  • Fix: Increase XP for Yi Feng.



Older patches: See Patch/IC.

Older versions

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