Noxious Nymphalidae

Noxious Nymphalidae

Level 33
Job Witch Doctor
Element Water Water
Skill Dazzle Dust: Dazzles target and reduces their accuracy
Behavior Aggro if the player's HP is half depleted
Capturable Unknown
Location Grassgreen Square
Experience 3800
Fame None
Quests Sweet Powder Collection Mission
HP 4385
Physical Attack 189
Physical Defense 73
Accuracy 25
Evasion 25
Magic Attack 113
Magic Defense 47
Magic Accuracy -10
Magic Evasion 3
Drop Rate
Poisonous Fang13%
Puffin Pollen7.5%
Voodoo Poison Bug x284%
Sweet Powder (Quest only)31.6%
Lv6 Puppet Spring Cleaning Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv6 Whirling Frost Scroll RecipeUnknown
Recipe: Swanfeather
35 gold
Voodoo Poison Bug x28
Poisonous Fang
  • Note: Drop rates based on 200 kills with moderate luck.
  • Note: Sweet Powder drop rate based on 142 kills with moderate luck.

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