Neptune's Temple

Map of Neptune's Temple

The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:154 Y:477) in Swan Lake Basin.



Name X Y
Benny Marshall 150 247
Benny Marshall (Darkdale Tunnel) 109 269
Demon Trainer 73 242
Murphy Marshall 260 150
Shannigan 237 50
Uncle Zack 235 51


See also Category:Neptune's Temple monsters
Name Job Level Element Experience
Chimera Turtle (Darkdale Tunnel) Fencer 34 Water Water 06,000
Crimson Glob Thief 29 Water Water 04,575
Giant Turtle Mercenary 30 Water Water 04,800
Glob Boss Fencer 35 Earth Earth Unknown
Glob Crook Fencer 35 Earth Earth Unknown
Glob Thief Fencer 35 Earth Earth Unknown
Ice Zombie (floor 2) Shaman 33 Water Water 05,700
King Glob (floor 2) Dancer 32 Earth Earth 05,400
Man-Eating Zombie Dancer 31 Metal Metal 13,580


Name Job Level Element Experience
Ghost (floor 2) Shaman 38 Metal Metal 09,600
Giant Turtle King Mercenary 40 Water Water 13,000


Recipe PotsEdit

Name X Y
Beastbone Boots 330 100
Beastbone Helm 110 144
Beastbone Wrist Guards 142 252
Silver Lame Gloves 181 177
Aristo Cap 66 200

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