Notes: The spider spawns infrequently (45mins to 1.5hr) at both locations.
Monster Hard This is an Area Boss.
Man-Eating Spider

Man-Eating Spider

Level 17
Job Dancer
Element Earth Earth
Skill Spider's Web
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Maze Below the Well
(X:85 Y:274)
(X:50 Y:233)
Experience 2900
Fame 51
Quests Man-Eating Spider Extermination Mission
HP 1656
Physical Attack 51
Physical Defense 27
Accuracy 13
Evasion 13
Magic Attack 46
Magic Defense 23
Magic Accuracy -5
Magic Evasion 52
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x2Unknown
Red Silk Thread (Chance of Excell)Unknown
Pupu Coupon x3Unknown
Onyx of Charioteering (10~20)Unknown
Wooden BangleUnknown
Recipe: Pocket Knife
Recipe: Fan
Red Silk Thread

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