Magic Golden Needle


Type Syringe
Family Golden weapon
Equipment slot Weapon
Description A needle forged from gold that increases the HP healed.
Notes Stats for Aeria version were:
Physical attack: 196+24+26+56
Magic attack: 86+34+36+56
Accuracy: 45
Magical skill damage: Strengthen
HP Recovery: Strengthen

Obtained from

Reward from Mirror Quest: Mission 7 (N/T)
Item mall 7350 SP

High level alchemy

For more information, see high level alchemy.

Only high level alchemists who specialize in weapon can craft this equipment.

Scroll Unknown


Level 1

Level 60
Durability 3000
Shop unit price Unknown
Physical attack: 196+-5+-4+26
Magic attack: 86+65+66+86
Maximum MP: 450
Magic accuracy: 15
HP Recovery: Strengthen
Cannot be upgraded.