Lil' Leia
Lil' Leia

Race: Lily
Gender: Female


East Sea Plain (X:144 Y:468)

  • Love String Powder Collection Mission
  • Sound Skull Collection Mission
  • Shadow Seal Collection Mission
  • Underworld Pass Collection Mission

Lil' Leia is a Quest NPC.

She gives the following quests, stored on Lil Leia's Certificate.

Love String Powder Collection MissionEdit

Get 50 Love String Powder from Fairy Queen of Moths.


Sound Skull Collection MissionEdit

Get 50 Sound Skulls from Spooky Skull. Level 35 required for reward.


Shadow Seal Collection MissionEdit

Get 50 Shadow Seals from Foggy Fox. Level 43 recommended. (Can obtain EXP from Level 38.)


Underworld Pass Collection MissionEdit

Get 30 Underworld Passes from Toasted Wisewood. Must complete all 3 of Lil' Leia's other quests to unlock.


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