Note: Although the rewards are different, all level 40 Life Quests are the same once you get to Collington.

To start the Level 40 Wizard Life Quest, speak to Wallie the Wizard in Eversun City (X:246 Y:336), who will give you an Invitation to take to O'Shea in Collington (X:482 Y:458). After the cutscene, you will receive a Tome of Demonslaying and will be sent to kill rats in the following order:

  1. Giant Metal Rat (level 25 Mercenary, 253,153 HP) in Copperhorn Mountain (X:271 Y:364). 20 minute time limit.
  2. Giant Wood Rat (level 22 Hunter, 356,986 HP) in Placid Plain (X:360 Y:400). 25 minute time limit.
  3. Giant Water Rat (level 25 Fencer, 360,743 HP) in Swan Lake Basin (X:317 Y:298). 30 minute time limit.
  4. Giant Fire Rat (level 22 Wizard, 368,428 HP) in Blakatoa (X:349 Y:570). 35 minute time limit.
  5. Giant Earth Rat (level 22 Blademaster, 465,383 HP) in Grassgreen Square (X:232 Y:420). 40 minute time limit.

While a team is recommended (due to the high HP of the rats), only the team leader will receive credit for the battle. You will receive 20 Fame for killing each rat. After killing the last rat, return to O'Shea in Collington to receive your rewards.


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