Keith Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Collington (X:263 Y:376)


Keith Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock listEdit

Item Price
Wolfwear Gloves 2000
Kid Gloves 2400
Porcupine Wrist Guards 2000
Chain Mail Wrist Guards 2400
Fragrant Wood Bangle 2000
Midnight Bangle 2400
Snakeskin Bracers 2000
Meteoric Bracers 2400
Starlight Wristband 2000
Ringing Wristband 2400
Wolf Walkers 2000
Sneakers 2400
Steel Clogs 2000
Slippers of Doom 2400
Porcupine Boots 2000
Chain Mail Boots 2400
Snakeskin Shoes 2000
Meteorite Shoes 2400
Starlight Anklet 2000
Tinklet 2400
Howling Hat 2950
Night Cap 3500
Jade Crown 2950
Agate Crown 3500
Porcupine Helm 2950
Chain Mail Hood 3500
Hissing Headgear 2950
Major's Helmet 3500
Halley's Hairband 2950
Gold-Trimmed Scarf 3500

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