Jesse Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Darkdale (X:360, Y:256)



Jesse Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock ListEdit

Item Price
Feather Gloves 1020
Scale Gloves 1800
Rhino Wrist Guards 1020
Footsoldier's Wrist Guards 1800
Scorpion Bangle 1020
Jade Bangle 1800
Black Steel Bracers 1020
Steel Bracers 1800
Shell Wristband 1020
Iron Wristband 1800
Feather Sandals 1020
Karate Shoes 1800
Spider Slippers 1020
Ghost Tiger Slippers 1800
Rhino Boots 1020
Tough Leather Boots 1800
Ankle Biter 1020
Bird Tattoo 1800
Black Steel Shoes 1020
Steel Shoes 1800
Feathered Cap 1573
Silk Cap 2600
Cobra Crown 1573
Rain Hat 2600
Rhino Helm 1573
Iron Helm 2600
Wooden Hairband 1573
Fine Silk Scarf 2600
Black Steel Helmet 1573
Reinforced Steel Helmet 2600

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