Jamie Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Darkdale (X:224 Y:240)



Jamie Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock ListEdit

Item Price
Iron Arrow 1
Bolt From the Blouse 5
Bag of Ash 5
Breeze Blade 1650
Yin-Yang Sword 1750
Cavalry Saber 1650
Swanfeather 1750
Burning Spear 1650
Soldier's Lance 1750
Hunting Knife 1650
Nifty Knife 1750
Hunting Bow 1650
Mulberry Bow 1750
Feather Fan 1650
Fancy Fan 1750
Harp 1650
Posh Banjo 1750
Ghostly Glow Wand 1650
Fragrant Wood Wand 1750
Green Syringe 1650
Glucose Syringe 1750
Studded Boxing Gloves 1650
Bulky Boxing Gloves 1750
Green Bamboo Staff 1650
Sparring Staff 1750
Baseball Bat 1400
Fragrant Wood Abacus 1650
Steel-Beaded Abacus 1750
Poleax 1650
Tomahawk 1750

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