Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit

Race: Rabbit
Gender: Male

  • Snowfairy Rice Collection Mission
  • Bunny Flower Collection Mission
  • Nectar Collection Mission
  • Rose Pollen Collection Mission

Jack Rabbit is a Quest NPC.

He is located at X:243 Y:466 in Grassgreen Square and gives the following quests:

Snowfairy Rice Collection MissionEdit

Collect 100 Snowfairy Rice by killing Divine Male Kukus. Unlike other quests, this has a 100% drop rate.


Note: Need to be level 22 or higher to get experience.

Bunny Flower Collection MissionEdit

Collect 30 Bunny Flowers by killing Stubborn Stones.


Note: Need to be level 25 or higher to get experience.

Nectar Collection MissionEdit

Collect 30 Nectar by killing Ivy Spirits.


Note: Need to be level 27 or higher to get experience.

Rose Pollen Collection MissionEdit

Collect 30 Rose Pollen by killing Audrey Offspring. Must complete all 3 of Jack's other quests to unlock.


Note: Level 36 Required to get Experience.

After completing this quest, you can begin the quest given by Harry Hare.

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