Hot-Spring Owner
NPC Human Male 3

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Blakatoa (X:203 Y:431)

  • Rose Dew Collection Mission
  • Lizard Skin Collection Mission
  • Pinecone Collection Mission
  • Dog Bone Collection Mission

Hot-Spring Owner is a Quest NPC.

He is located at X:203 Y:431 in Blakatoa and gives the following quests:

Rose Dew Collection MissionEdit

Collect 80 Rose Dew by killing Audrey Offspring.


Note: Minimum level 29 is required to receive exp points

The Audrey Offspring in Grassgreen Square do not drop Rose Dew. The quest can only be completed by killing the monster in Blakatoa.

Lizard Skin Collection MissionEdit

Collect 40 Lizard Skins by killing Lazy-Eyed Lizards.


Note: Minimum level 30 is required to receive exp points.

Pinecone Collection MissionEdit

Collect 40 Pinecones by killing Mystery Mice.


Note: Minimum level 31 is required to receive exp points.

Dog Bone Collection MissionEdit

Collect 40 Dog Bones (not Toy Bone) by killing Bandit Bow-Wows.


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