HP Medicine Boost
Description Use HP healing medicine on yourself or another, restoring more HP than normal.
  • Can target yourself, your pet, a teammate, or a teammate's pet.
  • Can also heal Eggsploiter pets and trapped monsters.
  • Separate cooldown timer from normal use of HP medicine as an item.
  • Single Target heal.
Prerequisite skills None
Element None Equipment req. None
Cast time Unknown Item req. HP Recovery Item
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Items Effects
1 0 104151 Vitamin A Pill Restores 120 HP
2 2 146151 Vitamin B Pill Restores 225 HP
3 2 248151 Vitamin C Pill Restores 450 HP
4 2 3410151 Vitamin D Pill Restores 900 HP
5 2 4412151 Vitamin E Pill Restores 1800 HP
6 2 5414151 Vitamin F Pill Restores 3150 HP
7 2 6416151 Vitamin G Pill Restores 4500 HP

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