Grizzly Garrison

Map of Grizzly Garrison

The entrance to this dungeon is located at X:720 Y:247 in Copperhorn Mountain. To gain access to Grizzly Garrison you need to have progressed far enough through your mirror quests (Mission 2 step 4 of Force of Infinite Knowledge).

To gain access to the second floor or basement you need to complete all of Bucky the Thief's quests.

Connecting Areas Edit


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 332 215
Bucky the Thief 328 170
Ted 321 145


Name Job Level Element
Bandit Chef Hunter 35 Non-Elemental
Bandit Head Chef Merchant 45 Non-Elemental
Bandit Thug Martial Artist 34 Non-Elemental
Scarlet Spook Wizard 40 Metal Metal
Weird Bandit Hunter 35 Non-Elemental

Quests Edit

Recipe PotsEdit

Name X Y
Starlight Anklet 296 165
Starlight Wristband 350 145
Halley's Hairband 454 170

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