Greedy Rat

Level 16
Job Dancer
Element Metal Metal
Skill None
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Farrell Family Crypt
Inn Basement
Experience 2025
Fame None
Quests Rat Extermination Mission
HP 1331
Physical Attack 46
Physical Defense 26
Accuracy 12
Evasion 12
Magic Attack 43
Magic Defense 23
Magic Accuracy -5
Magic Evasion 52
Drop Rate
Ancient Copper Coin11.67%
Beast Fang12.67%
Frog x810.67%
Map Piece 4 (Inn Basement only)27.33%
Pupu Coupon x24.00%
Onyx of DiligenceUnknown
Tigerseye (E)Unknown
Agate (E)Unknown
Citrine (E)Unknown
Amethyst (E)Unknown
Recipe: Breeze Blade (Farrell Family Crypt)
Recipe: Iron Ax (Inn Basement)
Recipe: Dagger (Inn Basement)
14 gold
Beast Fang

The following items are dropped by asterisk monsters.
**Greedy Rat
Map Piece 4
Bronze Bangle
Amethyst (E)
Obsidian (E)
Onyx of Inspiration: Break Ward (10~100)
*Greedy Rat
Turquoise (E)
Obsidian (E)

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