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Grassgreen Square

Map of Grassgreen Square



Name X Y
Alicia 321 513
Assault Officer Grassgreen Square 317 508
Benny Marshall 276 295
Cheech 163 403
Fang Ruxian 241 467
Farming Merchant 130 407
Fishing Merchant 191 148
Harry Hare 240 432
Jack Rabbit 243 465
Pipin Marshall 516 481
Qiren 330 546
Nobody 121 370

Monsters Edit

Name Job Level Element
Audrey Offspring Blademaster 36 Wood Wood
Blighted Blue Butterfly Doctor 22 Non-Elemental
Deadly Daisy Doctor 25 Non-Elemental
Divine Female Kuku Commoner 35 Non-Elemental
Divine Male Kuku Commoner 29 Non-Elemental
Ivy Spirit Doctor 34 Wood Wood
Noxious Nymphalidae Witch Doctor 33 Water Water
Redd Foxx Fencer 31 Earth Earth
Stubborn Stone Mercenary 32 Earth Earth


Name Job Level Element
Demonic Daisy Blademaster 45 Wood Wood
Divine Kuku King Witch Doctor 40 Water Water
Wabbit Martial Artist 38 Earth Earth


Collection zonesEdit

The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

Grassgreen Square Farming markFarming 3-4
X:118 Y:384
Farming mark 2Farming 3-4
X:104 Y:154
Fishing markFishing 3-4
X:200 Y:140
Fishing mark 2Fishing 3-4
X:140 Y:134
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Farming Farming mark Farming 3 - Wheat
4 - Tea Leaves
118 384
Farming Farming mark 2 Farming 3 - Wheat
4 - Tea Leaves
104 154
Fishing Fishing mark Fishing 3 - Conch
4 - Prawn
200 140
Fishing Fishing mark 2 Fishing 3 - Conch
4 - Prawn
140 134


Grassgreen Square NPCKid Gloves
X:368 Y:193
X:240 Y:474
NPCNight Cap
X:295 Y:327
NPC 2Energizing Tea
X:92 Y:458
NPCLesser Occipital Powder
X:541 Y:493
MerchantPipin Marshall
X:516 Y:481
NPC = Recipe Pot     NPC 2 = Cannot be accessed by flying     Merchant = Merchant NPC
Recipe X Y
Kid Gloves 368 193
Sneakers 240 474
Night Cap 295 327
Energizing Tea 92 458
Lesser Occipital Powder 541 493

From Pipin Marshall at (X:516 Y:481):

Item Price
Round Shield Recipe 8000
White Fox's Robe Recipe 5000
White Fox's Slacks Recipe 5000

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