Graham Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Collington (X:320 Y:305)



Graham Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock ListEdit

Item Price
Iron Arrow 1
Bolt From the Blouse 5
Bag of Ash 5
Serpent's Head Saber 3550
Snowy Saber 4950
Butcher Knife 3550
Blaze Saber 4950
Scarlet Spear 3550
Lightning Lance 4950
Dandy Dagger 3550
Nippy Knife 4950
Composite Shortbow 3550
Birdie Bow 4950
Firm Ferrous Fan 3550
Flopsy Fur Fan 4950
Ironwood Lute 3550
Switchblade Zither 4950
Bronze Wizard's Wand 3550
Rime Rod 4950
Standard Syringe 3550
Soppy Syringe 4950
Tough Leather Boxing Gloves 3550
Pebbledashers 4950
Quarterstaff 3550
Steel Staff 4950
Iron-Plated Baton 3550
Intricate Abacus 3550
Black Steel Abacus 4950
Battleax 3550
Warhammer 4950

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