Giantwood Forest

Map of Giantwood Forest


NPCs Edit

Name X Y
Assault Officer Giantwood Forest 70 372
Benny Marshall 83 339
Brainiac 241 168
Colin Marshall 143 491
Dr. Cleaver 84 348
Duck Keeper 128 110
Forestry Merchant 263 312
Forestry Merchant 316 363
Lambert Marshall 310 450
Name X Y
Pierre 282 309
Qiren 540 402
The Recycling Brother 537 413
Rowan 84 348
Sarah and Vicky 247 379
Silvia 482 419
Tracy 84 348
Wanda 296 465


Name Job Level Element
Banana Monkey Hunter 29 Wood Wood
Divine Kuku Egg Doctor 27 Non-Elemental
Forest Ladybug Musician 28 Earth Earth
Fox Cub Fencer 26 Metal Metal
Funny Fox Cub Fencer 26 Metal Metal
Hulu Bamboo Commoner 24 Wood Wood
Weird Withered Wisewood Blademaster 30 Wood Wood
Withered Wisewood Blademaster 30 Wood Wood


Name Job Level Element
Barmy Banana Monkey Merchant 35 Wood Wood
Divine Kuku Egg Hero Mercenary 32 Non-Elemental
Wicked Wisewood Commoner 40 Wood Wood


Collection zonesEdit

The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

The Southern Forestry collection areas seem to have a higher than normal collection fail rate. The Northern spot has normal rates.

Giantwood Forest Forestry markForestry 3-4
X:254 Y:336
Forestry markForestry 3-4
X:326 Y:354
Forestry mark 2Forestry 3-4
X:384 Y:150
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Forestry Forestry mark Forestry 3 - Willow Lumber
4 - Laurel Lumber
254 336
Forestry Forestry mark Forestry 3 - Willow Lumber
4 - Laurel Lumber
326 354
Forestry Forestry mark 2 Forestry 3 - Willow Lumber
4 - Laurel Lumber
384 150


Giantwood Forest NPCJade Bangle
X:138 Y:492
NPCSteel Bracers
X:303 Y:502
NPCLesser Temporal Powder
X:116 Y:106
NPCRain Hat
X:259 Y:137
NPCSteel Shoes
X:259 Y:313
NPCGhost Tiger Slippers
X:319 Y:367
NPCReinforced Steel Helmet
X:467 Y:468
MerchantLambert Marshall
X:310 Y:460
NPC = Recipe Pot     NPC 2 = Cannot be accessed by flying     Merchant = Merchant NPC
Recipe X Y
Jade Bangle 138 492
Steel Bracers 303 502
Lesser Temporal Powder 116 106
Rain Hat 259 137
Steel Shoes 259 313
Ghost Tiger Slippers 319 367
Reinforced Steel Helmet 467 468

From Lambert Marshall at (X:310 Y:460):

Item Price
Steel Armor Recipe 4500
Steel Greaves Recipe 4500
Heartstopper Recipe 4200
Tough Leather Chaps Recipe 4200

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