Monster Hard This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: A Giant Caskmaster has appeared in the Inn Basement to carry out the caskmasters' revenge.

Giant Caskmaster

Level 30
Job Martial Artist
Element Fire Fire
Skill Unknown
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Inn Basement

(X:290 Y:370)

Experience 8000
Fame 159
Quests Darkdale Elder Mission
HP 8059
Physical Attack 169
Physical Defense 61
Accuracy 23
Evasion 23
Magic Attack 98
Magic Defense 41
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 2
Drop Rate
Flying Pupu CouponUnknown
Bronze ShoesUnknown
Leather SlippersUnknown
Dreamstone x2Unknown
Horse Onyx (20~30)Unknown
Snake Onyx (20~30)Unknown
Dragon Onyx (20~30)Unknown
Recipe: Iron Ax
Recipe: Chef's Knife
Itching Powder
Dried Seaweed
Maple Wood

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