Gary Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Collington (X:236 Y:340)



Gary Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock listEdit

Item Price
Wolfwear 2950
Wolf Pants 2950
Eveningwear 3500
Pajama Bottoms 3500
Celestial Robe 2950
Celestial Slacks 2950
Angel Robe 3500
Angelic Slacks 3500
Porcupine Plate 2950
Porcupine Chaps 2950
Chain Mail Vest 3500
Chain Mail Chaps 3500
Superstar Salsawear 2950
Celestial Stockings 2950
Gold-Trimmed Dancer's Costume 3500
Gold-Trimmed Stockings 3500
Snakeskin Armor 2950
Snakeskin Greaves 2950
Meteorite Armor 3500
Meteorite Greaves 3500

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