Foggy Forest

Map of Foggy Forest

The entrance to this area is at X:264 Y:296 in Blakatoa. You must complete all of Hot-Spring Owner's quests to gain complete access to the Forest.

Connecting AreasEdit


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 242 430
Ol' Colin 94 404
Reginald 93 403
Assault Officer Foggy Forest 93 402


Name Job Level Element Experience
Branch Monkey Commoner 45 Wood Wood 10,050
Butterfly Queen Wizard 47 Fire Fire 10,950
Cast Iron Hedgehog Mercenary 49 Non-Elemental 11,850
Iron Hedgehog Fencer 46 Non-Elemental 28,000
White Monkey Hunter 48 Wood Wood 11,400
Wild Monkey Leader Blademaster 57 Wood Wood 22,000


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