The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:655 Y:110) in Eversun North.



Name X Y
Benny Marshall 292 332
Benny Marshall 360 94
Heir of the Farrels 287 299
Jean the Junior Servant 399 115
Maya 473 268
Ol' Mick 353 101


Name Job Level Element
Greedy Rat Dancer 16 Metal Metal
Little Eye Shaman 17 Metal Metal
Sombre Zombie Musician 19 Metal Metal

Floor 2Edit

Name Job Level Element
Itsy Bitsy Wizard 18 Earth Earth
Spider Wizard 18 Earth Earth


Name Job Level Element
Dark Zombie Mercenary 29 Metal Metal
Skeleton Soldier Fencer 24 Metal Metal


Recipe PotsEdit

Recipe X Y
Apprentice's Robe 319 180
Cobra Crown 273 149
Cotton Slacks 249 98
Scorpion Bangle 264 129
Spider Slippers 339 85

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