Fabian Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:178 Y:198)



Fabian Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Stock listEdit

Item Price
Peach Wood Sword Recipe 2500
Longblade Recipe 2800
Pocket Knife Recipe 2000
Wooden Wand Recipe 1900
Saline Syringe Recipe 1900
Bottle Recipe 2100
Hatchet Recipe 2800
Wooden Armor Recipe 550
Wooden Greaves Recipe 550
Leather Jerkin Recipe 550
Leather Chaps Recipe 550
Robe Recipe 500
Slacks Recipe 500
Dancer's Costume Recipe 500
Stockings Recipe 500
Commoner's Coat Recipe 500
Peasant Pants Recipe 500
Wicker Shield Recipe 1000

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