Eugene Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Darkdale (X:363 Y:300)
Eversun City (X:215 Y:244)

Eversun Guided Tour

Eugene Marshall is a Merchant NPC.


Item Price
Scroll 5
Frog 5
Vitamin A Pill 16
Vitamin B Pill 29
Vitamin C Pill 57
Lesser Parietal Powder 48
Lesser Temporal Powder 120
Lesser Occipital Powder 216
Soultrapper Scroll 1000
Voodoo Poison Bug 5
Debugging Knife 50

In Darkdale, he also sells the following:

Item Price
Bolstering Broth 16
Stuffed Mushroom 29
Mussel Relaxant 57
Healing Potion 30
Ginger Tea 75
Energizing Tea 135

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