Doubloon Discharge
Description Make a doubloon from coins and throw it at the enemy. More effective if it hits the enemy in the head, face, hand or foot.
Notes Has a chance to do 1 of the listed effects:
  • Target unable to move, attack, use skills or items for 4 seconds.
  • Target unable to use skill or items for 8 seconds.
  • Target unable to attack or use items for 8 seconds.
  • Target -7% movement speed, -50 evasion, -20 magic evasion for 15 seconds.
  • Give caster 10~30 IOUs.
Type Single target attack Prerequisite skills Coin Toss (Level 5)
Element None Equipment req. Abacus
Cast time Unknown Item req. Gold
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Items Effects
1 2 30163050g Unknown
2 2 35203050g Unknown
3 2 40263050g Unknown
4 2 45333050g Unknown
5 2 50413050g Unknown
6 2 55503050g Unknown
7 2 60603050g Unknown
8 2 65713050g Unknown
9 2 70833050g Unknown
10 2 70 [1]983050g Unknown

  1. ^ Level 10 needs to be unlocked using a High Level Skill Scroll. The level used when calculating the subbing penalty is 75.

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