Double-Edged Sword
Description Hack wildly away at surrounding enemies, also causing damage to self. Reduces weapon durability by 20.
  • Double-Edged Sword has no base damage; its damage output is based purely on amplification (a large percentage of your attack).
  • The amount of self-damage inflicted on yourself is based roughly on how much damage the skill does.
  • If your weapon has low durability, using the skill will remind you of that.
Type Area of Effect attack. Prerequisite skills Maniac Attack (Level 5)
Element None Equipment req. Any
Cast time Unknown Item req. None
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Effects
1 2 3316100 Damage is 600% of your attack.
2 2 3718105 Damage is 650% of your attack.
3 2 4120110 Damage is 700% of your attack.
4 2 4522115 Damage is 750% of your attack.
5 2 4924120 Damage is 800% of your attack.
6 2 5326125 Damage is 850% of your attack.
7 2 5728130 Damage is 900% of your attack.
8 2 6130135 Damage is 950% of your attack.
9 2 6532140 Damage is 1000% of your attack.
10 (Max) 2 6934145 Damage is 1050% of your attack.

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