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Suba Games

Suba Games has revived DOMO!

Maintenance time: Monday 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest update: September 17th, 2018:[1]

  • Set Equipment should no longer be able to roll 3 stats (existing equipment with 2 or more of the same mod will reroll into something else automatically).
  • You Si Hai can now be completed without using a Mission EXP Bonus Card.
  • Madam Malachite Crystals have been increased.
  • Fix: Mermaid's Harp recipes now require the correct weapon.
  • Fix: Updated Normal and Rare Lock stone text descriptions.
  • Fix: SE13 Ruby riding animation has been fixed.
  • Fix: Yinlong's Inventory in the VIP Map has been updated to match the one in Eversun.

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IC (International Chinese) Domo

Instructions on how to register and use English files with this version are here.

Maintenance time: Wednesday 9 AM to 3 PM China Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest patch: September 19th, 2018

Active events:

Patch history: Suba, IC, other.
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