Darkdale Destroyer
NPC Shura Male 12

Race: Shura
Gender: Male

  • Letter Delivery Mission
  • Loopy Lizards Mission
  • Maiming Moths Mission
  • Beat the Bandits Mission
  • Monster Extermination Mission

Darkdale Destroyer is a Quest NPC. He is located at X:299 Y:245 in Darkdale and gives the following quests:

Loopy Lizards MissionEdit

Kill 10 Big-Lidded Lizards, 10 Lil'-Lidded Lizards and 10 Lizard Leaders.


Maiming Moths MissionEdit

Collect 20 Paralyzing Powders Blue Powder from Toxic Tiger Moths


Beat the Bandits MissionEdit

Collect 20 Straw Ropes Sturdy Rope from Purple Whipping Grasses and 20 Spiky Shells Spiky Shell from Giant Hedgehogs.


Monster Extermination MissionEdit

Kill 1 Sandstone Ladybug and 1 Giant Butterfly.


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