Copperhorn Mountain

Map of Copperhorn Mountain



Name X Y
Assault Officer Copperhorn Mountain 383 157
Blueleaf 590 501
Councilman Reese 364 80
Heartless Flower 378 83
Lizard Egg 340 472
Malachite Cavern Guard 264 711
Malachite Cavern Guard 266 712
Master Raven 253 250
Mining Merchant 296 612
Mining Merchant 189 573
Mysterious Old Man 207 367
Ol' Carl 474 355
Qiren 534 696
The Recycling Brother 547 698
Wilfred Marshall 219 203


Name Job Level Element
Big-Lidded Lizard Hunter 15 Fire Fire
Giant Hedgehog Fencer 20 Earth Earth
Lil'-Lidded Lizard Fencer 17 Fire Fire
Lizard Leader Commoner 19 Fire Fire
Mama Lizard Fencer 28 Fire Fire
Orange Whipping Grass Blademaster 14 Wood Wood
Papa Lizard Fencer 25 Fire Fire
Purple Whipping Grass Blademaster 16 Wood Wood
Toxic Tiger Moth Dancer 18 Non-Elemental
Warrior Whipping Grass Fencer 25 Wood Wood


Name Job Level Element
Giant Butterfly Dancer 23 Non-Elemental
Sandstone Ladybug Fencer 25 Earth Earth
Screaming Lord Lizard Martial Artist 30 Fire Fire


Collection zonesEdit

The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

Copperhorn Mountain Mining markMining 2-3
X:306 Y:604
Mining markMining 3-4
X:184 Y:580
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Mining Mining mark Mining 2 - Malachite
3 - Magnetite
306 604
Mining Mining mark Mining 3 - Magnetite
4 - Galena
184 580


Copperhorn Mountain NPCTough Leather Jerkin
X:466 Y:305
NPCIron Helm
X:687 Y:173
NPCTough Leather Boots
X:694 Y:148
NPCFootsoldier's Wrist Guards
X:209 Y:365
NPCReinforced Leather Chaps
X:175 Y:357
NPCGinger Tea
X:157 Y:572
NPCVitamin B Pill
X:276 Y:631
NPC = Recipe Pot     NPC 2 = Cannot be accessed by flying     Merchant = Merchant NPC
Recipe X Y
Tough Leather Jerkin 466 305
Iron Helm 687 173
Tough Leather Boots 694 148
Footsoldier's Wrist Guards 209 365
Reinforced Leather Chaps 175 357
Ginger Tea 157 572
Vitamin B Pill 276 631

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