Coin Toss
Description Attacks the target with coins. Receive an IOU if successful. (level 1-10)

Attacks enemy with thrown money. Receive a receipt upon hit. (level 11+)

Type Single target attack Prerequisite skills None
Element None Equipment req. Abacus
Cast time Unknown Item req. Gold
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Items Effects
1 0 1051010g Unknown
2 2 1581010g Unknown
3 2 20111010g Unknown
4 2 25141010g Unknown
5 2 30171010g Unknown
6 2 35201010g Unknown
7 2 40231010g Unknown
8 2 45261010g Unknown
9 2 50291010g Unknown
10 2 55321010g Unknown
11 2 59371010g Unknown
12 2 63421010g Unknown
13 2 67481010g Unknown
14 2 70 [1]541010g Unknown

  1. ^ Level 14 needs to be unlocked using a High Level Skill Scroll. The level used when calculating the subbing penalty is 71.

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