Canute Canal (Eversun South)

Map of Canute Canal

The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:239 Y:618) in Eversun South.



Name X Y
Apple 97 191
Benny Marshall 159 40
Easy Oak 44 144
Perry Marshall 166 140
Rick 174 341


Name Job Level Element
Chestbeater Dancer 21 Earth Earth
Female Vampire Bat Shaman 22 Water Water
Male Vampire Bat Witch Doctor 19 Water Water
Pearly Frog Musician 20 Water Water
Weird Pearly Frog Musician 20 Water Water


Name Job Level Element
Pearly Frog King Commoner 27 Water Water
Treasure Chestbeater Merchant 32 Earth Earth



Recipe X Y
Howling Hat 139 158
Silk Pants 164 38
Karate Suit 90 174
Wolfwear Gloves 55 111
Wolf Walkers 150 194

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