NPC Shura Male 1

Race: Shura
Gender: Male

  • Treasure of the Subway

Campbell is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 20

Location: Eversun Subway (Inn Basement) 275, 214

Mission briefing: Rumors have it that somewhere in the Subway, a treasure map has been left behind. Campbell intends to find people who will search for it in the Subway.

Repeatable: Yes



  1. Collect the four map pieces:
  2. Return to Campbell to receive a Complete Map.

Treasure ChestEdit

  1. Go deeper in the basement (at the platform, where the Giant Caskmaster spawns) to find an enormous Treasure Chestbeater.
  2. You will enter a plot battle, and fight against:
    • Treasure Chestbeater (Level 25, Commoner, Non-Elemental, 6961 HP)
    • Giant King Glob (Level 22, Dancer, Metal, 56,864 HP)
    • 2 Pupu President Corpse
    • 2 Greedy Rat Guard (Level 20, Dancer, Metal, 3347 HP)


  • Lightning Lapis
    12,600 experience points
  • Glowing Crystal


Return to Campbell and give him the Glowing Crystal.


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